Société Française de Nanomédecine - French Society for Nanomedicine

ENM 2015 – Gallery

ENM 2015 Sponsors

Thank you to all sponsors who financially supported the Annual Meeting and a special thank you to those who exhibited their products/equipments

2015 Awards

The quality and diversity of the poster and podium presentations, often by young researchers, attested to the attractiveness of the meeting and the thriving character of Nanomedicine :
  • The Sanofi Prize (1 000 €)  was awarded to Tao JIA for his work on “Bifucntional Nanoparticles: Pros and Cons for the definition of theranostic anticancer agents”. (Team of JL COLL, IAB, Grenoble | France)
  • The SFNano prize for the best poster presentation (500 €) was awarded to Kotb SHADY for his work entitled ”Nanoparticle enhanced MRI-guided radiation therapy: Final proof of concept before phase I trial.” (Team of O. TILLEMENT, Lyon | France)
  • The British Society prize for the best poster presentation (500 €) was awarded to Marianne BOUCHER for her work ”Genetically fucntionnalized magnetosomes used as MRI probes for molecular imaging of U87 tumor”. (Team of S. MERIAUX, I2BM -NeuroSpin-CEA Saclay | France)