Full-time job starting October 2019 


EVerZom is an industrial bio-production platform for biological tools called extracellular vesicles. This platform will be available for researchers from the pharmaceutical industry designing breakthrough biotherapies. 

The start-up incubated at Paris Biotech Santé, has joined the healthcare accelerator Wilco and has been recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as i-Lab 2019, a competition organized by the Ministry of Research and Education and by the BPI awarding the most innovative French start-ups of the year by and the business plan competition at the TERMIS Regenerative Medicine Congress. 

Core business 

Extracellular vesicles are nanobiological particles containing proteins, lipids and mRNA used by cells to communicate with each other’s. These vesicles have protective and regenerative properties and are considered by the medical world as a less expensive and less risky alternative to cell therapies in the context of regenerative medicine (osteoarthritis, stroke, heart failure). As mediators of the intercellular communication, EVs can be exploited for drug delivery applications such as chemotherapy. 

The main bottleneck hampering the translation of extracellular vesicles towards the clinic are manufacturing methods: they are costly and time consuming. EVerZom develops patented technologies (2 patents and others in development) in collaboration with the Matière and Systèmes Complexes laboratory from the University Paris Diderot/CNRS to overcome these technological hurdles. The ambition of EVerZom is to produce clinical grade/GMP vesicles and bring these new discoveries to the patientcare. 

The start-up is localised in the medicine faculty of Descartes in the center of Paris and works jointly with the MSC lab where the spin-off comes from. The working environment mixes academia, start-ups, lab technicians, PhDs, PhD students and engineers. 

The current team composed by Jeanne Volatron (CEO, Physics PhD) and Nicolas Rousseau (COO, engineer from CentraleSupélec) is young and dynamic. They are mentored by renowned entrepreneurs and have followed trainings at CentraleSupélec and HEC. The start-up is growing fastly and plans to recruit 10 persons within 2 years (a technician, PhD student and a business developer within 6 months). 

Objectives of the job 

– Being in charge of the development of the bioproduction process of EVerZom to bring it towards the GMP production. 

– Leading the standardisation, the optimisation and the quality control of the process. 

– Managing a future team (a technician, an intern, a PhD student) 

– Work jointly with the MSC laboratory on co-development projects 

Profile required 

– PhD and/or Postdoc in biology/bioprocess with experience in cell culture, ideally with bioreactors and microbeads culture. 

– Interested in entrepreneurship and exploitation of public research results. 

– Desire to conduct a translational research. 

– Communication & Managerial skills. 


Nicolas Rousseau, COO, Nicolas.rousseau@everzom.com, 0678280120 

Jeanne Volatron, CEO, Jeanne.volatron@everzom.com, 0684156101