2 years of post-doc position on mRNA delivery available at Center for Molecular Biophysics, ORLEANS, France.


Within the Center for molecular biophysics (UPR4301) in Orléans, a position is opened in the team Cell biology, Molecular Targets and Innovative Therapies and more specifically in the group “Innovative therapies and nanomedicine” and in interaction with the group “Cell signalling and neurofibromatosis” (www.cbm.fr). The selected candidate will work on a research project, which is related to the development of a strategy based on the delivery of therapeutic mRNA in order to correct a genetic deficiency.


The applicant will:
– Develop mRNA formulations (based on chemical vectors and physical methods present in the lab) to efficiently transfect fibroblasts and Schwann cells.
– Characterize physicochemical and morphological features of mRNA nanoparticles.
– Evaluate the transfection efficiency of mRNA delivery on cell monolayers.
– Develop 3D culture using microfluidics in order to set up an experimental cell model.
– Optimize the transfection tests on the optimized experimental cell model
– Select, optimize and implement protocols required for the objectives of the project
– Analyse and present of the results obtained with a guarantee on their quality
– Write reports and technical notes
– Participate in the dissemination and exploitation of results in the form of oral presentations and publications
– Must be conscious of health and safety instructions and rules for the proper functioning of the laboratory.


1- A strong knowledge and experience of nucleic acids formulation (vectorisation, physicochemical characterization). A working experience with RNA will be appreciated.
2- A strong experience in cell culture, an experience in co-culture and/or 3D culture and/or an expertise in the design of experimental devices will be appreciated.
Other complementary skills:
– Have good written and oral communications in English.
– Be able to work in a team and lead scientific and technical staff
– Be able to develop smart ideas and think independently for creativity
– Be able to build interactions with other members of the lab.
– Be motivated to tackle tough scientific challenges.
– Be quality conscious to apply health and safety regulations in the field


All information are available at:  https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UPR4301-MARPER-044/Default.aspx?lang=EN