Société Française de Nanomédecine - French Society for Nanomedicine


Nathalie Mignet SFNanoThe French Society for Nanomedicine  (SFNano) was officially launched at the ETPN general assembly in october 2013 and started its activity in january 2014

This french group is an non lucrative association whose objectives are to favour progress and knowledge diffusion in the Nanomedicine domain.

For these purposes, SFNano will organise seminars, workshops and discussions in order to favour a french network, and broader, in collaboration with european nanomedicine societie

Nanomedicine, is defined according to the definitions published by the ETPN. Nanomedicine definition: includes all nanotechnologies devoted to health, including diagnostic, therapy, imaging or theranostic. It includes delivery and targeting, local and systemic admininistrations, implants and smart nano and microsystems.

→ SFNano Board members 2017

Based on multidisciplinarity, SFNano gathers academics from  CNRS, INSERM, Universities, CEA as well as non academic.