CDD Biomedical Engineer

Osteoinductive coatings: translation toward the clinics

We aim to translate the osteoinductive nanocoatings toward the clinics. To this end, we will test 3D architectured polymeric implants and optimize the biomimetic film coating, in collaboration with IAB in Grenoble for small animal experiments. In collaboration with CIC-IT Bordeaux, we will design and perform safety and biodegradability tests. To this end, the biomimetic films will be prepared in cell culture microplates using a liquid handling robot in order to perform cell experiments at high throughput. Finally, we will prepare samples for experiments in large animals that will be done at the B2OA in Paris in collaboration with Maisons Alfort Veterinary school.

Techniques: biomaterials/bioengineering, automated deposit of biomimetic films using a robot, 3D printing techniques, optical microscopies and spectroscopies including confocal microscopy; electron microscopy, stem cell culture and biological assays;. State-of-the art technologies are available in the neighboring technical platforms (CIME biotechnologies, IAB…).

Starting date: ASAP

To apply: please send your application form to Catherine.Picart[at]

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