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Nanomedicine jobs

Here are the nanomedicine job offers in the fields of Nanotechnology, nanomedicine, drug delivery systems:

  • PhD position in Institut Galien Paris-Sud (UMR CNRS 8612, Equipe 7, Directeur Prof. Patrick COUVREUR) ‐ UFR de Pharmacie | Paris, France

    Role of plasma lipoproteins on the bioavailability and biological activity of lipid prodrug-based nanomedicines.

    The thesis research project aims to design a library of nanoparticles made of novel lipid-prodrugs of gemcitabine and to assess their capacity (or not) to interact with lipoproteins. The thesis will also investigate how this interaction might further influence the pharmacokinetic profile, the pharmacological activity and the toxicity of the lipid-based nanomedicines.

    Starting date: October 2017
    To apply : please send your application form to Pr Couvreur or Dr Mura : patrick.couvreur[at] or simona.mura[at]
    Download the complete job description and skills required .
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  • PhD position in Montpellier (Equipe Matériaux Avancés pour la Catalyse et la Santé (MACS) | Montpellier, France

    Optimization of antioxidant activity of natural products in free-PEG emulsion

    Despite of its interesting antioxidant and antinflammatory activity, quercetin is poorly water soluble. Thus, the usefulness of this molecule is hindered by very low bioavailability and weak skin penetration capacity. In this project, three approaches were developed, optimized, tested and compared for the successful delivery of quercetin to skin tissue. The three approaches were smartCrystals®, lipid nanocapsules and liposomes, which are the top trend nanometric pharmaceutical formulations. These formulations showed their ability to enhance the physicochemical properties of several poorly water soluble molecules such apigenin with smartCrystals®, amiodarone with lipid nanocapsules and paclitaxel with liposomes. We would like to continue this project developed during previous PhD with others antioxidants using formulation without PEG.

    Starting date: October 2017.
    To apply : please send your application form to Dr Sylvie Bégu sylvie.begu[at] 
    Download the complete job description or  skills and profiles required .
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  • A Post-doc position in Toulouse (INSERM ERL1226) | Toulouse, France

    Targeted nanotherapy of cancers by magnetic hyperthermia
    – Description is only available in French –
    Recrutement Post-doctorant : Nanothérapie ciblée des cancers par hyperthermie magnétique

    L’équipe de Réceptologie et Ciblage Thérapeutique en Cancérologie (INSERM ERL1226) du Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-Objets (LPCNO-CNRS UMR5215-INSA), à Toulouse, souhaite accueillir un(e) jeune chercheur(e) post-doctorant(e). Le(la) candidat(e) développera un thème de recherche en relation avec les axes de recherche de l’équipe, autour des « nanothérapies ciblées des cancers par hyperthermie magnétique ».

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    Contact :
    Véronique GIGOUX
    LPCNO – Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-Objets, UMR5215 INSA-CNRS-UPS
    INSERM ERL1226 – Equipe RCTC Réceptologie et Ciblage Thérapeutique en Cancérologie
    1 avenue Jean Poulhes
    BP 84225
    31432 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, FRANCE
    Tel : 05-31-22-41-14
    e-mail : veronique.gigoux [at]

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