Béhazine Combadière

Nanoparticle-based vaccination : dissecting innate and adaptive immunity

Director of Research Inserm

Institut National de santé et de recherche medicale

Paris – France


Behazine Combadière is a director of research (DR1) at INSERM and head laboratory “Skin, Immunity and Vaccination” at the Center for Immunology and Microbial Infections (CIMI-Paris, France). She is currently the deputy director of CIMI-Paris INSERM unit 1135.

Behazine Combadière obtained her PhD in Immunology in 1993 (Paris, France) on the regulation of HIV-specific CD8 responses. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda (MD, USA) from 1993 to end of 1997 where she studied the role of variability of antigen on the quality of T cell responses. She obtained a permanent position at CNRS from 1998 to 2007 and became director of research (DR2) at INSERM in 2007. She has a large expertise in Vaccinology and immune memory to infectious diseases. She also has a large expertise in skin immunization with the development of Transcutaneous immunization using hair follicle targeting method.

Her team is involved in :

1) The study of mechanism of immune responses after vaccine administration with different formulation (VLP, nanoparticle, viral vector, conjugate and adjuvanted vaccine formaulation) with a main focus on the impact of innate cell on adaptive immunity;

2) The study of memory immune responses against conventional vaccines (vaccinia, influenza viruses) including systems biology and biomodelling approaches;

3) Development of Skin Systems Evaluation (SKINSE platform) using omics analysis (transcriptomic, proteomics, Cytof, immunomics) for the study of skin immune biomarker of immunity,

4) The immunomonitoring of vaccines candidate in Phase I/II (including vaccine candidates against HIV, influenza, Ebola).

She coordinated the FP7 European project CUT’HIVAC (Cutaneous and mucosal HIV vaccination) 2010-2016 and has been awarded by FRM (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale). Currently, she is involved in H2020 European aids vaccine initiative (EAVI2020) project for the development of HIV vaccine candidates. She is also co-director of International Vaccinology courses of Institute Pasteur of Paris and member of advisory boards related to new vaccination strategies against viral infectious diseases.