Janos Szebeni

Roadmap and strategies for overcoming infusion reactions to nanomedicines

CEO Seroscience Ltd

Semmelweis University

Budapest – Hungary


Janos Szebeni, M.D., Ph.D., immunologist, director of the Nanomedicine Research and Education Center at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. He is also professor of immune biology and founder and CEO of an immune toxicology service provider CRO; SeroScience Ltd.

During his 40-years professional career he has held various scientific positions in Hungary and abroad, mainly in the United States, where he lived for 21 years. Among others, he worked for 6 years at NCI (NIH) in Maryland, 2 years at Harvard University in Boston, and 11 years at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC.

His research on various themes in hematology, membrane biology and immunology has resulted in over 130 papers and chapters (with citations: >5000), two granted patents, and a book entitled “The Complement System: Novel Roles in Health and Disease” (Kluwer, 2004). Three fields stand out where he has been most active: artificial blood, liposomes and the complement system.

His original works from the late 1990s led to the “CARPA” concept, i.e., that complement activation underlies numerous drug-induced pseudoallergic infusion reactions.