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A new logo for Montpellier

February 04, 2018

The great speakers of #SFNano18

You can now register to our 5th annual meeting that will happen from 3-5 December 2018 in Montpellier. Discover the confirmed speakers:

SFNano 18 meeting REGISTER NOW


Our next meeting will happen in Montpellier, December 3-5. Come back in a few days to discover the topics and the invited speakers.

Imagine the logo for Montpellier 2018

SFNano18 logo selected by the board

The board finally selected this logo, designed by Lucie with some expert advices of Anne-Claude. It is declined in two versions:


The logos proposed by some passionated PhD students in Nanomedicine

Congratulations to Ilya Yakavets In-2C-14px from the CRAN in Nancy who designed this nice sunny logo.


This other olive logo was designed by Mégane Bornerie In-2C-14px from CBMN in Pessac.


Below the announcement

Each year new logos are created for our events. Below the previous ones designed by Anne-Claude Couffin for ENM 2015 (Grenoble), Paris 2016, SFNnano Summer School 2017 (La Grande Motte) and Bordeaux 2017.


Our next annual meeting will be in Montpellier from Dec 3rd to 5th.
SFNano gives you the opportunity to create the logo for this event. Be creative, but keep the graphical chart (colors, blue spheres, etc.), use any free software like Gimp, Inkscape etc.

Send by email your proposal at info[at]
before Feb 10th, 2018

Prize: you will win your entry and attend all the meeting for free together with the gala dinner.

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