Webinar – AEE WP1 2021

Le workpackage 1 « agents d’imagerie  moléculaire » de FLI ( organise le 29 Janvier 2021 à 15h un webinaire d’information/discussion sur son fonctionnement pour les 4 années à

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AFNOR standards

STANDARDS on Nanotechnologies Several international standards projects are being studied on the field of Nanomedicine (application of nanotechnologies to human health) with the aim of

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Zoom on Angiostamp™800

Zoom on Angiostamp™800, a tumor targeting contrast agent for fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging. AngiostampTM800 was initially developed as a NIR contrast agent for tumor detection using fluorescence imaging.

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SFNano & CRS

A joint initiative leaded by board members of SFNano and CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter   We are pleased to announce a chapter contribution “Nanomedicine for the management of colorectal cancer on the 2030 horizon?” to a book dedicated to clinicians “Colorectal cancer horizon 2030”. This joint initiative leaded by board members of SFNano and CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter aimed to attract more clinicians to the nanomedicine field. The book was launched during the French Gastroenterological congress (JFHOD) 2022. The book is available here.

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Prof.Katalin Karikó

Katalin Karikó, when passion for science and perseverance pay off   Chantal PICHON Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, UPR 4301 CNRS, University of Orléans, Orléans, France Contact:   In 2021, the field of nanomedicine has seen a real upheaval with the development of mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, the only positive note in this pandemic. Time for us to pay tribute to Prof Katalin Karikó, a great scientist who honored us with her presence in 2017 at a Summer school (from June 7 to 9, hotel Mercure in the La Grande-Motte beach resort) dedicated to Nucleic acids-based strategies to control gene expression: principles, applications in biology, clinical translation and delivery issues » ( Our acknowledgement to Prof Bernard Lebleu, an eminent board member of SFNano, who invited her to be part of the Summer School. She gave us a great lecture explaining how important the presence of modified nucleosides for mRNA therapeutics applications is.

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