Post-doctoral position – synthesis and formulation of magnetic nanovectors co- delivering siRNA and chemotherapeutics, University of Tours, France

Contract: Temporary post-doctoral position starting as soon as possible (18 months)
Skill area: Chemistry, synthesis and functionalization of SPION and peptides, formulation of nanovectors

Presentation of the research laboratory (EA 6295 NMNS):

The research unit EA6295 “Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes” focuses on the development and the study of biocompatible nanosystems for therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications.


The research unit EA6295 NMNS has recently developed magnetic nanovectors of siRNA with the aim to deliver them via intravenous injection for targeted gene therapy in breast cancer. These targeted, stealth magnetic siRNA nanovectors (TS-MSN) are composed of a core of functionalized superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) loaded with siRNA and cationic polymers.

The candidate will be integrated in a collaborative project entitled “Magnetic control for improved combination therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (MAGCOT)”, including three French teams and one Italian team, funded by the Institut National du Cancer (INCa, PLBIO22). The project consists in the development of co- loaded magnetic nanovectors with siRNA and chemotherapeutics (NV-si-CT) and to use synthetic peptides and an external magnetic field to improve the combination therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The peptides are synthetized and designed by the Italian team (University of Naples). The candidate will be the link between both teams and take part in the peptide synthesis as well as the synthesis and formulation of NV-si-CT.

Candidate profile:

The applicant should posses a solid experience (PhD) in chemistry. An expertise in the synthesis and functionalization of nanovectors and/or peptides is wanted. Expertise in formulation and characterization techniques will be a strong asset, as well as an expertise using nanocarriers for siRNA and/or chemotherapy delivery.

Contact and candidature : Dr. Stephanie DAVID For more information :