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Dispertech was officially founded in early 2019 after receiving investment seed funds. We are located at the Amsterdam Science Park in the Netherlands and are focused on developing devices for characterizing nanoparticles in solution, mainly extracellular vesicles, lipid nanoparticles, and viruses. Our flagship product, the NanoCET, can measure the size of small particles (smaller than 150 nm) at a single nanoparticle level with unprecedented accuracy for an all-optical method. In addition, we are developing a new product, the NanoQUANT, which can determine particle numbers through three-dimensional fluorescence imaging. We anticipate that these devices can offer a robust means to answering your characterization and quantification queries in nanoparticle and nanomedicinal research.

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Cordouan Technologies: the French specialist of nanoparticle and nanomaterial characterization (size, charge, shape) for research laboratories and industrial process monitoring.


CORDOUAN Technologies is a French SME based in Bordeaux. Our company is specialized in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative & advanced solutions for the nanoparticle and colloidal media characterization. After many years of progress and innovation, many recognized academic research laboratories and famous industrial company, French and international, have trusted us and are now using our instruments in very wide range of applications, such as microbiology, life science, bio-pharma, cosmetics, nano-medicine, petroleum, energy production, transformation and storage, functionalized inks & printing, nano polymers, environment, etc.

Innovation is at the heart of our development process. We propose to our customers advanced and innovative solutions to match their needs, including the customization of the instruments to match the application. We’ll be proud to help you to make great developments and advanced science.