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Quelques mots sur le labex LipSTIC:

The LipSTIC LabEx consortium, created in 2012, involves 17 supervising institutions and private partners. This consortium is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) under the program ‘Investissements d’Avenir‘ (ANR-11-LABX-0021-LipSTIC). It is a multidisciplinary research program forming a highly innovative cluster at the crossroads between lipoprotein metabolism, inflammation, and cancer. The project covers a wide range of objectives, from molecular insights to clinical application and communication to patients, physicians and to the general public. As such, this integrated program has no equivalence in France and strengthens the international visibility of the groups involved. The scientific program relies on joint and complementary expertise and it takes advantage of international collaborations that have been initiated by LipSTIC members.


The main goals are:

  • to identify specific lipoprotein parameters as new risk markers of cancer and non-vascular inflammatory diseases;
  • to develop more effective and better-tolerated treatments of cancer and non-vascular inflammatory diseases through stabilization and vectorization of lipoprotein-associated drugs; to set up an innovative strategy in preventing uncontrolled inflammatory response through the lipoprotein-mediated neutralization and elimination of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (or endotoxins);
  • to explore new clinical protocols combining anticancer and anti-inflammatory treatments with cholesterol-lowering, lipid modifying and HDL-raising therapies;
  • to increase relationships between researchers, social and political institutions, as well as relationships with private companies, with a view to building an interpretative model to integrate Science and Technology in Society.

This LabEX is involved in Nanoscience through the development of lipoproteins as nanovector/nanocarrier of anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer drugs.