We are more than honored to take part in the new presidency of SFNano. Grounding on the excellent work of the former president Nathalie Mignet, our objective is to reinforce interactions with national and international institutions and societies, increase the visibility of the French nanomedicine teams, stimulating research excellence and innovation.


In this unprecedented crisis time, the need to gather efforts is of outstanding importance more than ever. In this regard, the SFNano aims to bring together the nanomedicine community so that we can act collectively in synergy. As conceived by Nathalie Mignet, we will go through a French tour of nanomedicine teams promoting their visibility in a series of webinars. We are delighted to announce that the first city will be Lyon (June/July).


Also in the pandemic context, the recent approval of nanoparticle-based vaccine for COVID-19 is a main example indicating that nanomedicine can go beyond promises to bring solutions in the face of the global crisis. This will be the focus of our next webinar in March entitled “mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles formulation for mRNA vaccines and new applications for nucleic acids delivery”.


SFNano is also attentive to emergent nanomedicine branches. In this regard, SFNano gathers efforts with the French society of Extracellular vesicles to organize a Summer School focusing on “Translational, Technological and Industrial issues related to Extracellular Vesicles” on September 13-15th in La Grande Motte.


Finally, we hope to gather the main French nanomedicine community in our annual meeting on December 6-8th 2021 in Angers. This meeting will focus on: Nanomedicine and Cancer; Nanochemistry and scale-up: Nanomedicine and Gene Therapy; Nanomedicine and Imaging.


We are prompted by the motivation to strengthen the French nanomedicine community and we hope our efforts will meet your expectations. We are more than eager to work with your input.



Jean-Luc Coll and Amanda Silva Brun