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Project Leader – EVerZom

EVerZom is an industrial bio-production platform for biological tools called extracellular vesicles. This platform will be available for researchers from the pharmaceutical industry designing breakthrough biotherapies. The start-up incubated at Paris Biotech Santé, has joined the healthcare accelerator Wilco and has been recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as i-Lab 2019, a competition organized by […]

New Young SFNano-JC2 board

We would like to acknowledge Alba NICOLAS-BOLUDA (Paris), Mathieu VARACHE (Cardiff, UK) and Jonathan LAVAUD (Grenoble) for their action at SFNano-JC2 during the last 4 years, and to welcome Ghadir KALOT (Grenoble), Christophe DELEHEDDE (Orléans), and Milad BAROUD (Angers).  



CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE YOUNG PARTICIPANTS !   Best oral prizes: Raphaël CORNU: Small Silica Nanoparticles Transiently Modulate the Intestinal Permeability by Actin Cytoskeleton Disruption & Alba NICOLAS-BOLUDA (Paris Descartes University, France): Targeting tumor-associated fibroblast and modulation of tumor stroma in cholangiocarcinoma with gold decorated iron oxide nanoflower – mediated photothermal therapy.   SFNANO poster prize was attributed to […]


Summer-School 2020

Extracellular vesicles Be part of the next SFNano Summer School 2020 that will take place in La Grande Motte, France June 10-12th 2020 A limited number of abstracts will be selected for a short oral presentation (deadline for abstract submission 31/01/ 2020). All the speakers and the sessions are available on this link: Announcement summer […]


The best young presentation prize SFNano 2018

Alba Nicolas-Boluda was recipient of the best young presentation prize. Alba will conclude his PhD this year about physically triggered strategies to modulate tumor extracellular matrix in solid tumors to improve the efficacy of immunotherapies. Alba’s PhD is co-supervised by Emmanuel Donnadieu, an expert on cancer immune response senior CNRS researcher from Institut Cochin, and […]

SFNano PhD Award 2019-EN

    SFNano is launching his first PhD award to reward an innovative and dedicated PhD work in the field of Nanomedicine carried out a in a French University or « Grande Ecole ». The price of 500€ will reward a laureate on the basis of the originality and excellence of his/her PhD work, defended between September 1st, […]


Loynachan and colleagues have just published in September 2019 the paper entitled “Renal clearable catalytic gold nanoclusters for in vivo disease monitoring” in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The authors report the synthesis of ~2 nm catalytic gold nanoclusters modified with protease substrates that respond to disease-related enzymes. The probe can be filtered through the kidneys […]

Women in Nanomedicine

María José Alonso PhD University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). María José Alonso is Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Her lab has pioneered discoveries in the field of nanomedicine and drug delivery. She has participated in a high number of international research consortia financed by the WHO, the […]


SFNano & Nobel project

SFNano is part of the European Nobel Project. Nanotechnologies impact all fields of healthcare Nanomedicine has the potential to enable early detection and prevention and to drastically improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of many diseases, including cancer but not only. Nanomedicine has nowadays hundreds of products under clinical trials, covering all major diseases including cardiovascular, […]