Professor of University – 2023 – Grenoble


  • Composante/UFR de Pharmacie : Professeur Michel SEVE (directeur de de l’UFR)

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  • Laboratoire : Département de Pharmacochimie Moléculaire (DPM) : Professeur Eric PEYRIN

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Teaching profile:

  • The person recruited will be responsible for the coordination of pharmaceutical technology courses at the faculty pharmacy of Université Grenoble Alpes, from the 1st year (PASS/LAS) to the 6th year, in interaction with the lecturers of the different courses. The candidate recruited will also have to teach the common basic training concerning formulation, manufacturing and biopharmaceutical aspects of the drug (2nd and 3rd year) and the industry pathway (FASP1, FASP2 and FASP3). The successful candidate will be responsible in particular for coordinating the industrial pathway and the related courses in the 4th, 5th and 6th years. The candidate will also be in charge of adapting the courses in pharmaceutical technology within the framework of the reforms of the pharmacy track, especially reform of the 3rd short cycle, in particular for the industrial course.
  • The teaching provided will include theoretical and practical teaching as part of the common basic training (FGSP2, MCPH3U09) as well as in the framework of the 5th year industrial pathway (FASP2, theoretical courses), including courses in the framework of the teaching unit MCPHXU12 “Production, distribution, valorisation of health products, quality” (unit operations) and teaching unit MCPHXU10 “regulation and health economics”, as well as practical teaching in the framework of the teaching unit “Pharmaceutical product project”.
  • The person recruited will also be responsible for updating the “R&D drug design and formulation” course as part of the industry course in FASP1 (4th year).

Participation in the teaching of cross-curricular courses in health studies may also be expected.

Research profile:

  • Strengthening of the NOVA team whose research objectives are the development and optimisation of innovative drug delivery systems and diagnostic tools for biomedical applications. In therapeutics, nanomaterials open up considerable possibilities for increasing the efficacy of certain conventional treatments while reducing their toxicity. An important axis of the team’s activity is related to this context, with the design of specific nano-objects to release active substances (or imaging agents).
  • The candidate will be in charge of this research axis around targeted drug delivery and/or theranostics. The person recruited will develop new materials and nano-objects, whose performance can be improved by incorporating recognition antennas for their specific addressing.
  • The hired person must have a high-level research record and be capable of developing international collaborations.

Administrative activities:

  • To take part in the activities of the teaching department n°1 entitled “Physicochemistry and technology of medicines”.
  • Participate in pedagogical meetings and commissions of the UFR.

He/she may be asked to participate in certain missions of the university.


Information for candidates:

    • Université Grenole Alpes recruits on the basis of skills and makes use of all talents. It encourages candidates with disabilities to apply for teaching and research positions.
    • Teacher-researchers are required to reside at the place where they perform their duties (Art. 5 of Decree No. 84-431 of June 6, 1984).