Brightsens Diagnostics supports SFNano 2022 !


The current molecular diagnostics techniques based on PCR are relatively slow, expensive and require qualified personnel, which make them incompatible with point-of-care testing.
BrightSens Diagnostics develops point-of-care tests for screening, diagnostics, and follow-up of patients – easy to use, fast, economic and ecologic. Our patented technology based on fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles with unique performances is the fruit of 10 years of academic research supported by 2 ERC grants. Our fluorescent, ultra-bright and ultra-sensitive nanoantennas are capable of strongly amplifying a detection signal. They allow measuring directly, without enzymatic amplification, very low concentrations of RNA disease biomarkers by a simple fluorescence measurement. In this way, our point of care tests will revolutionize molecular diagnostics.


SFNano is grateful to Brightsens Diagnostics for its support: let’s meet in Strasbourg in December !