Posters session B from Tuesday 5th (11h) to Wednesday 6th 

Inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials


1 New methodologies for Taylor Dispersion Analysis : Theory, Proof of Concept and Application to gold nanoparticle  protein interaction Gouyon Jérémie
2 Fusogenic liposomes as nanocarriers for the intracellular delivery of magnetic nanoparticles Ménager Christine
3 Biocompatible polymer conjugates bearing octahedral molybdenum clusters: potential nanomaterials for photodynamic therapy Pola Robert
4 Characterization of ultra-small metallic nanoparticles by Size Distribution – Taylor Dispersion Analysis (SD-TDA) Sarazin Cédric
5 Functionalized 2 nm gold nanoparticles for motion in living cell and in situ immunolabeling at cryo-Electron Microscopy resolution Zuber Guy

Nucleic Acid delivery

6 Assessing the particle concentration of mRNA-LNP using Videodrop :A new metric for LNP manufacturing, optimization & standardization Berger Marie
7 Cell penetrating foldamers as nanovectors for synergic drug delivery and gene silencing Bettache Nadir
8 Lipid-based nanoparticles as game-changers in mRNA-mediated B Cell engineering Ciganek Ivan
9 Treating myocardial infarction using pH-sensitive nanoparticles for FADD silencing. Di Gregorio Giulia
10 Are Argonaute 2 protein loaded nanoparticles an efficient siRNA delivery system in glioblastoma? Dumas Florence
11 Development of an ovarian selective miRNA delivery system based on gold nanoparticles to reduce side effects of chemotherapy Dutour Raphaël
12 Cationic Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for mRNA delivery promote potent anti-tumoral T cell immunity Fournier Carole
13 In vitro delivery of pDNA by Œsitosterol-based cationic lipids with different polar headgroups Ghanem Rosy
14 Addressing Replication Challenges in Nanoscience Research: The Curious Case of Nanoparticles Endosomal Escape Gharib Mustafa
15 Reprogramming tumor-associated macrophages using siRNA-LNPs Gul Sezen
16 Scale up strategy for the encapsulation process of LNP-mRNA Hourdel Laurine
17 Study of therapeutic effects of two-photon controlled gene delivery with nanoparticles in uveal melanoma using organ-on-chip model Lambert Emilie
18 Robust Calixarene-Coated Gold Nanorods for Photothermal Therapy and Nucleic Acid Delivery Lepeintre Victor
19 Efficient lipid nanoparticle-based mRNA delivery system Repellin Mathieu
20 Enhanced Stability of Lipid Nanoparticle-Based System For Nucleic Acids Delivery : A Promising Approach for Cancer Treatment Reynaud Franceline
21 Gene-Activated Injectable Cell carrier for Cartilage Repair: Controlling MSC Differentiation by Tuning siRNA Nanovectors Characteristics. Robin Baptiste
22 WRAP-based nanoparticles for mRNA delivery Teko-Agbo Clémentine
23 mRNA loaded Lipid Nanocapsules: a promising therapeutic strategy to treat Pseudoxanthoma elasticum? Zarikian Laura

Organic Nanomaterials

24 Synthesis and characterization of a new peptide-based self-assembled theranostic nanostructure Am Alice
25 Nanoclusters for Preparing Irinotecan Hydrochloride Trihydrate Parenteral Injection Concentrates Castillo Henríquez Luis
26 Synthesis of lipopolypeptides towards controlled membrane destabilization Le Scouarnec Rosanna
27 Sizing up the nanomedicines: a thorough examination of techniques and data interpretation Nikolic Ines
28 Optonutrics: a new technology at chemistry-biology interface for photo-controlled release of bioactive molecules in the brain. Ruffier Camille

Nanosystems for imaging and diagnostics

29 Self-Assembled Quantum Gold Clusters for Biophotonic Applications Abdul Rezak Furhan
30 Impact of the presence of a PEG linker between targeting ligands and the surface of functionalized nanoparticles on their cell internalization efficiency Begin Sylvie
32 Polymeric nanoparticles as a platform for nose-to-brain imaging and drug delivery Bolon Marie
33 Modulation of the nanoparticles -Protein Corona- by tailoring their surface chemistry Coste Henri
34 Silica nanoparticles as an EPR effect guided nanoplatform for nuclear imaging Deleuziere Maëlle
35 Chemical Insights into the Preparation of Multifunctional Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Imaging and Theragnostic Dhouib Ameni
36 Innovative peptide-based nanomaterial for the surface modification of screen-printed carbon electrodes on paper using a plasma assisted vapor deposition strategy Guyon Cédric
37 Formulation and characterization of Patent Blue dye Nano-liposome labeled with 99mTc-HMPAO, in-vivo and ex-vivo Sentinel Lymph Node mapping Heidari Najme
38 Dynamics of molecular interactions between Concanavalin A and gold nanoparticles. Lahouari Sephora
39 Microfluidic preparation of monodisperse perfluorocarbon nanodroplets and acoustic droplet vaporization assays Melich Romain
40 Preparation, characterization and in vitro behavioral of condensed lipid-coated perfluorocarbon nanodroplets Melich Romain
41 Exploring the Potential of Exosomes as Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Drug Resistance Biomarkers: A Comprehensive Review of In Vivo Studies Merati Faezeh
42 Vivoptic, a preclinical optical imaging platform for the evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies Mornet Stéphane
43 Self-assembling properties of the new styrylpyridinium dyes and evaluation of their biological properties Putralis Reinis
44 From Amphibians to Antibacterials: Illuminating the Membrane Disruption Strategy of Aurein 1.2 for Overcoming Resistance Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Saadatmand Zahra
45 Interaction between Carbon Dots from folic acid and their cellular receptor: a qualitative physicochemical approach. Serradji Nawal
46 HPMA-based delivery systems conjugated with porphyrins used in photodynamic therapy and tumour imaging Turnovska Alzbeta


47 Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)s as versatile platform for biomedical applications Kharchenko Oksana
48 Development of EGFR targeted magnetic nanovectors co-delivering siRNA and doxorubicin for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer Lameli Chloé