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Congress in Montpellier: list of posters session A

Posters session A from Monday 4th to Tuesday 5th (11h) Nanomaterials for Therapy Number TITLE SPEAKERS 1 DNase-I functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles (CNP) for degradation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) Abou Rjeily Ramy 2 Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Effects of Essential Oils Synthesized Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Albino Dos Reis Roberta 3 Photothermal Therapy Potential of Manganese-doped […]

Congress in Montpellier: list of posters session B

Posters session B from Tuesday 5th (11h) to Wednesday 6th  Inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials   Number TITLE SPEAKERS 1 New methodologies for Taylor Dispersion Analysis : Theory, Proof of Concept and Application to gold nanoparticle  protein interaction Gouyon Jérémie 2 Fusogenic liposomes as nanocarriers for the intracellular delivery of magnetic nanoparticles Ménager Christine 3 Biocompatible […]

Post-Doc _Angers/Nantes

The NEMESIS project: nanoparticle engineering for miRNA delivery in intervertebral disc regenerative strategies MINT and RMeS laboratories are looking to hire a postdoctoral fellow for an exciting project aiming at developing miRNA loaded lipid nanocaspules as intervertebral disc regenerative strategies. ABOUT THE POSITION AND PROJECT This postdoctoral position is funded for 30 months, by the […]

CRS BeNeLux and France Local Chapter webinar

CRS BeNeLux and France Local Chapter Webinar Can a vaccine stop the COVID-19 pandemic?   The webinar will be hosted via Zoom platform on Tuesday 31st of March 4-5pm CET, 10-11am EST, and 4-5am NZST.  In the light of the recent SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak, CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter is organizing a webinar where scientific and industrial challenges […]

Zoom on EVerZom

EVerZom works towards the democratization of regenerative medicine, using biological sub-cellular tools – extracellular vesicles – which are considered as an efficient and safer alternative to cell therapies. EVerZom, a spin off from a CNRS/Paris University laboratory, has developed and patented an innovative process which enables a high yield, GMP compatible and fast-foward production of extracellular […]