De la chimie à son application biologique et thérapeutique

Laboratoire de Conception et Application de Molécules Bioactives CAMB | (UMR 2344) Université de Strasbourg CNRS

New Team Welcoming at UMR 7199

As part of the renewal of the research units at HCERES, the UMR CAMB (Conception & Application of Bioactive Molecules) wishes to strengthen its research topics by welcoming a new team at the interface of Chemistry and Biology.

The new team will be integrated from January 2024 at the earliest into the unit currently comprising 4 teams working at the chemistry-biology interface (Functional Chemical Systems; Biovectorization, Bioconjugation and Biomaterials; Chemistry and Molecular Neurobiology; Vectors – Synthesis, Applications & Toxicology). The laboratory offers the new team the possibility of occupying a workspace and office of 3 to 6 people, with the possibility of access to a culture room, and to facilities of the Faculty of Pharmacy. No research topic is preferred, but preference will be given to a young female or male team leader.

The CAMB unit is located at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Illkirch (Strasbourg). For any further information, please direct your requests to the director and deputy director of the laboratory:


Jean-Serge Remy, Directeur CAMB (

Thomas Grutter, Directeur Adjoint CAMB (


Jean-Serge Remy


Tel. +33.3 688 541 17 Mobile +33.6 478 338 62 Secretary +33.3 688 541 67

CAMB | UMR7199 Faculté de Pharmacie 74, route du Rhin 67400 Illkirch