SFNano PhD award 2020


SFNano is launching a call for the SFNano PhD award 2020.

This award will be rewarding a young PhD holder for his/her significant contribution to the field of Nanomedicine. Any type of research is eligible (fundamental, applied or translational research).

The award will include a 1,000 € award. The awardee will also be given the opportunity present his/her work through an oral contribution during the next SFNano meeting (2021).

Eligible applicants must have defended their PhD between September, 1st 2019 and September, 30th 2020. Students defending after October, 1st 2020 will be eligible for the next edition.

Applicants are invited to submit a single document file (pdf) including the following documents:

  • a curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum indicating the current situation of the candidate as Postdoc, member of a start-up or a company)
  • a summary of their PhD work (3 pages maximum) with a particular emphasis on the implication of the candidate
  • the report of the PhD referees
  • the report of the PhD defense
  • a list of publications, oral and poster communications, student supervision
  • a cover letter explaining their professional ambition
  • a recommendation letter from the PhD director


Applications should be sent before October 23th by email to

Nathalie MIGNET (nathalie.mignet@parisdescartes.fr) and

Marie-Pierre ROLS (Marie-Pierre.Rols@ipbs.fr).

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The result will be diffused on line mid-december.