Le laboratoire ARNA de Bordeaux cherche un post-doctorant pour une durée de 12 mois, à partir du 1er Janvier 2022 !


Mission principale:

Titre : Endogenous stimuli-responsive lipid-aptamers conjugates for drug delivery

Context: Stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems have been developed using external or internal stimuli. External stimuli (light, temperature, ultrasounds, magnetic field) allow the on- demand release of the drug in an efficient way, however these systems often require an external device, usually costly and available in the hospital, therefore leading to a high-cost treatment and high pressure on the health system. Internal stimuli (pH, redox, enzymes, ROS, temperature) allows autonomy to the systems: once injected, the drug is release only in the acidic lysosomes, or reductive intracellular environment, for instance. Nevertheless, the internal stimuli are quite limited: pH, light, redox, enzymes, temperature. In this project, we want to enlarge the range of triggers to endogenous biomarkers, such as neurotransmitters, inflammation markers, toxins… Objective: In this project, we want to develop drug delivery systems where the drug could be released upon a specific chemical stimulus/biomarker. To do so, structure-switching aptamers will be conjugated to lipids for incorporation into lipid nanoparticles. The ultimate goal is to develop an “in-body pharmacy” concept: the body will help himself into the drug reservoir according to its needs.

La personne recrutée aura pour mission de développer un projet de recherche à partir de la littérature, de proposer des expériences, de les mettre en œuvre, les analyser et les interpréter.

Limite de candidature: 15/11/2021

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