Opening position at Université de Paris 24 month POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP


Stroke is a leading cause of death worldwide for which clinicians lack therapeutic strategies. Oxidative stress is a well-known contributor to ischemic stroke damage. Besides neuronal loss, oxidative stress is also implicated in vessel damages, inducing cerebral hemorrhage, a major stroke complication. The current anti-oxidant strategies however have failed their translation into clinics. The goal of the ANR sponsored project Stric-On (Stroke thrombolysis with r-tPA improved by cerium oxide nanoparticles) is to develop anti-oxidant nanoparticles of cerium oxide coated with innovative polymers and biomolecules for neuronal and vascular protection following stroke. The outcome of the project will be the knowledge of the potential of innovative nanoparticles as therapeutic agents for stroke.


The post-doctoral position is funded from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche for 24 months (starting November 01, 2021). The work will be performed at the Université de Paris (MSC and UTCBS). In the postdoctoral work, emphasis will be on inorganic nanoparticle synthesis, coating with polymers and functionalization with biomolecules. For this purpose, innovative polymer architectures synthesized by our partner SPECIFIC POLYMERS ( will be used. Motivated candidates should have a solid expertise in nanomedicine, with a good knowledge of nanoparticle synthesis and functionalization for biological applications. Experimental techniques used will be nanoparticle synthesis, scattering, spectrometry, calorimetry and microscopy.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Dr. Jean-François Berret (jean- and Dr. Cyrille Richard (, or visit my website:

Send applications to above emails, include CV with names and addresses of two referees / motivation letter required

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Université de Paris

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