The Observatory for Micro & NanoTechnologies – The OMNT

The Observatory for Micro and NanoTechnologies – OMNT – is a joint unit between the CEA and the CNRS. It was created in 2005 to precociously detect weak signals heralding ruptures.

Thanks to a network of more than 300 experts, the OMNT carries out a continuous scientific watch on key topics of micro and nanotechnologies. The OMNT provides stakeholders from research and the economic world with analysis supporting them to understand the evolution of these technologies.

OMNT has published the 2013 edition of its annual report. This document (270 pages) summarizes the main breakthroughs and advances in micro and nanotechnologies occured during 2012. These informations have been carefully selected by our 330 experts, providing a unique litterature review. The 2013 Annual report (written in french) is on sale online. [Read more]