STANDARDS on Nanotechnologies

Several international standards projects are being studied on the field of Nanomedicine (application of nanotechnologies to human health) with the aim of promoting their development and applications. The objective of this standardization process is to be able to quickly benefit from advances in the field, while guarding against the potential associated risks.

In France, Ms. Emilie LANGLOIS BERTRAND is in charge of the AFNOR / X457 Nanotechnologies standardization commission. This commission mirrors the international standardization commission ISO / TC 229 Nanotechnologies:

Many standards, the list of which is under development, relate to the topic of health:

ISO / PWI 4958 Nanotechnologies – Liposome terminology

ISO 23366 Nanotechnologies – Performance assessment requirements for the quantification of biomolecules in immunohistochemistry using fluorescent nanoparticles

ISO 23367 Nanotechnologies – Performance characteristics of nanosensors for the detection of chemical molecules and biomolecules

ISO 23653 Evaluation of the performance of nanomedicine and nanoparticles by a 3D cell culture system for their absorption at the cellular level

ISO / TR Nanotechnologies – Consideration for the evaluation of the performance of methods for characterizing the cellular uptake of nanoparticles in 2D and 3D cell cultures

ISO / CD TS 23459 Nanotechnologies – Assessment of secondary structure of proteins during interaction with nanomaterials using ultraviolet circular dichroism


The work of the commission is of great interest to the work developed under SFNano. The committee is listening to deal with new topics in order to develop new normative documents to support developments led by French actors. Relying on rigorous standardization will accelerate the transfer of nanotechnologies to the clinic.