Summer School: Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews theme issue


A theme issue dedicated to the SFNano / FSEV Summer school about Extracellular vesicles

We are more than pleased to inform that the theme issue dedicated to the SFNano / FSEV Summer school about Extracellular vesicles (September 13th-15th, La Grande Motte, France) is now fully available. The theme issue has been recently published at the journal Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (impact factor 15.47). Its title is “Technological and translational challenges for extracellular vesicle in therapy and diagnosis” edited by Florence Gazeau, Guillaume van Niel, Claire Wilhelm and Amanda K. A. Silva (

This timely theme issue gathers the leading opinion of Summer school participants to compose a multi-faceted view of the technological and translational EV landscape of therapy and diagnosis.

The theme issue content and a link for the free access to the complete version of each manuscript is available here:

  Title / Link for the free access to the complete manuscript DOI
1 Editorial: Technological and translational challenges for extracellular vesicle in therapy and diagnosis,3sXTb22V

2 Development of extracellular vesicle-based medicinal products: a position paper of the group “Extracellular Vesicle translatiOn to clinicaL perspectiVEs – EVOLVE France”,OflmWCg

3 Engineering and loading therapeutic extracellular vesicles for clinical translation: a data reporting frame for comparability,3sXTb1w5

4 Dosing Extracellular Vesicles,3sXTb1uT

5 Scaled preparation of extracellular vesicles from conditioned media,3sXTb1r3

6 Adherence to minimal experimental requirements for defining extracellular vesicles and their functions.,3sXTb1gN

7 Technological advances towards extracellular vesicles mass production,3sXTb1bk

8 Regenerative medicine for digestive fistulae therapy: benefits, challenges and promises of stem/stromal cells and emergent perspectives via their extracellular vesicles,3sXTb1bX

9 Harnessing EV communication to restore antitumor immunity,3sXTb1az

10 Interest of extracellular vesicles in regards to lipid nanoparticle based systems for intracellular protein delivery,3sXTb1at

11 Extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells: therapeutic perspectives for senescence targeting in osteoarthritis,3sXTb1ah

12 Implications and pitfalls for cancer diagnostics exploiting extracellular vesicles,3sXTb1VJ

13 Role of extracellular vesicles in liver diseases and their therapeutic potential,3sXTb1Ul

14 Zebrafish as a preclinical model for Extracellular Vesicle-based therapeutic development,3sXTb1Uf

15 Extracellular vesicles for the treatment of central nervous system diseases,3sXTb1QT

16 Illuminating RNA trafficking and functional delivery by extracellular vesicles,3sXTb1Np

17 A call for the standardised reporting of factors affecting the exogenous loading of extracellular vesicles with therapeutic cargos,3sXTb1Ib

18 Exosomes and GPI-anchored proteins: Judicious pairs for investigating biomarkers from body fluids,3sXTYMPs