Subject: Open position for a potential inter-institute CNRS CPJ (CNRS Biology-CNRS Chemistry) opened in March 2024 in Caen (Normandy, France).


The laboratories ISTCT UMR 6030 (CNRS Biology) and LCS UMR 6506 (CNRS Chemistry) will probably have the opportunity to recruit a researcher as part of a Junior Professor Chair opened in Caen (Normandy, France) in March 2024.


The main objective is to recruit a researcher to develop projects around the synthesis and in situ validation of zeolite-type nanomaterials for applications to brain tumors (e.g. glioblastomas) or other hypoxic solid tumors in order to potentiate the effects of radiotherapy (RT) or radiochemotherapy.

Radio- and chemoresistance induced by hypoxia as well as other phenomena associated with tumor growth such as inflammation will be targeted as a priority. Other applications could also use nanozeolites, such as their use as a vector for new internal radiotherapy approaches.

These nanoparticles to be used as a theranostic approach, the candidate must particularly be able to develop them to make them visible by multimodal imaging (MRI, PET, etc.).

The candidate will benefit from access to the CYCERON biomedical imaging platform (which has extensive equipment in MRI imaging, clinical PET and preclinical hybrid 7T/PET MRI, and radiochemistry in particular ( php/fr)) within which the ISTCT unit is housed.

ISTCT ( seeks to better understand the pathophysiology of hypoxic tumors (brain-lung), to identify new therapeutic strategies targeting the tumor and its microenvironment and to evaluate the effects of anticancer treatments including RT on healthy tissues and protect them using in particular in vivo imaging (MRI, PET/CT).

LCS is the world leader in the synthesis of nanometric zeolites and associated nanoporous materials.


The candidate will enable the laboratory to strengthen its original research into smart chemistry tools, customizable, in order to offer therapeutic and imaging tools (theranostics).

Candidates should contact Samuel VALABLE ( for more details.