Posters session A from Monday 4th to Tuesday 5th (11h)

Nanomaterials for Therapy

1 DNase-I functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles (CNP) for degradation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) Abou Rjeily Ramy
2 Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Effects of Essential Oils Synthesized Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Albino Dos Reis Roberta
3 Photothermal Therapy Potential of Manganese-doped Prussian Blue Nanoparticles in vitro and in Zebrafish Embryos Ali Lamiaa M. A.
4 Formulation of nanoemulsions-loaded alginate microbeads for the oral delivery of tofacitinib in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases Andretto Valentina
5 Prednisolone Prodrugs Lipid Nanoparticles as an alternative management of inflammatory diseases Arif Aqsa
6 Investigation of a Hydrophobic Lipid-Based Solid Formulation Technology for Biomolecule Protection in Enhancing Exocrine Pancreatic Function Bages Alexis
7 Ferrocifen loaded Lipid Nanocapsules: Targeting MDR tumors via the Thioredoxin Reductase Pathway Baroud Milad
8 Enhancement of Phosphate Removal in peritoneal dialysis using designed magnetic Iron oxide Nanostructures Begin Sylvie
9 Novel lipophenol quercetin derivative formulations for preclinical pharmacological evaluation to prevent macular degeneration Bégu Sylvie
10 Design of a multifunctional nanoplatform for photothermal therapy and temperature sensing Bellahsene Houda
11 Amphiphilic PCL-g-Dex nanoparticles: Towards hybrid hydrogel/nanoparticles dual-cancer drug delivery system Benkhedim Anissa
12 Evaluation of functionalized liposomes’ placenta targeting efficiency by assessing in vitro uptake and in vivo biodistribution Chavrier Pauline
13 Nanovectors for drug delivery activated by temperature and/or light and monitoring by MRI. Couvez Justine
14 Docetaxel-loaded nanodroplets as therapeutic agents against Glioblastoma Desgranges Stéphane
15 Super-resolution imaging of antibody-conjugated biodegradable periodic mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles for doxorubicin delivery in prostate cancer Durand Jean-Olivier
16 Nano-designed carbon monoxide donor SMA/CORM2 exhibits protective effect against acetaminophen induced liver injury through modulating macrophage reprograming Fang Jun
17 Ultrasound responsive polymer microbubbles for the targeted treatment of stroke Fournier Louise
18 Optimization of Lorecivivint-loaded cationic liposomes for osteoarthritis therapy Gonzalez Fernandez Paula
19 Through the respiration to the general circulation, a promising path to reach the target? Guérin Mélina
20 Diclofenac prodrugs nanoparticles: an alternative and efficient treatment for rheumatoid arthritis? Hussain Saadat
21 Nanolipid-based strategies for improving the pulmonary delivery of non-small cell lung cancer treatment Irujo Maria
22 A new analytical method to study the interactions of proteins and innovative nanoparticles: toward the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes Jégo Mathilde
23 Interaction of nanoparticles with key corona proteins impacting their circulation time – an in vitro-in vivo correlation study Jordan Olivier
24 Size Distribution by Taylor Dispersion Analysis (SD-TDA): An innovation for resolutive size distribution measurement of lipid nanoparticles and monoclonal antibodies Lelan Mathilde
25 Robust Calixarene-Coated Gold Nanorods for Photothermal Therapy and Nucleic Acid Delivery Lepeintre Victor
26 Advanced porous hybrid hydrogels for sustained drug delivery Li Anqi
27 A study of drug release kinetics with advanced analytical methods Libanska Alena
28 Dexamethasone-loaded DSPE-PEG(2000) micelles as a drug delivery system to treat dysregulated inflammatory response Louaguenouni Younes
29 Anisotropic phospholipid-containing nanoscale dispersions: self-assembly mechanism and manufacturing Lu Yaowei
30 Liposomal formulation of docetaxel: biodistribution and immunomodulatory benefit in HER2 breast cancer treatment Mathilde Dacos
31 Development of a personalized 3D printed form loaded with MCM-41 silica for chronic disease Monteil Maïko
32 Cartilage targeting nanosized delivery system for osteoarthritis therapy Morici Luca
33 Controlling PEG-b-PTMC Polymersome Size through Microfluidic-Assisted Self-Assembly: Advancing the Understanding of Polymersomes Self-Assembly Mechanisms Mutschler Angela
34 Vectorization of M2e peptide by nanostructured lipid carriers for universal flu vaccine Navarro Fabrice
35 Biodegradable polymersomes as controlled drug delivery system for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases Nieto Sarah
36 Optimizing ASO-based therapeutics formulation and administration to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Nogier Cyril
37 Interfering with the YAP1/TAZ pathway in chemotherapy-resistant gastrointestinal stromal tumors to develop new pharmacological molecules Pezzati Irene
39 Synthesis and evaluation of self-assembling properties of fluorinated lipid-like (3,5-bisalkyl-2,6-dioxoheptan-4-yl)-1-methylpyridin-1-ium iodides Plotniece Aiva
40 Squalene-based nanomedicines combining enkephalins and enkephalinase inhibitors: a synergistic approach for chronic pain treatment Prades Lucas
41 In vitro assessment of the photoprotective efficacy of a linseed oil-based nanoemulsion loaded with avobenzone and tris-biphenyl triazine UV filters Reynaud Franceline
42 Synthesis of Gold Nanorods for targeted phototherapy of cancer cells Romain Mélanie
43 Combination therapy of terbinafine nanocrystals-loaded thermosensitive gels and fractional ablative laser to improve ungual drug delivery Rossier Benjamin
44 Liposomal co-loading of two hydrophobic drugs for cancer treatment: overview, workflow and preliminary data Schelker Cindy
45 Enhancing Wound Healing with Apple Plant Stem Cell-Loaded PAA/Alginate Nano- Hydrogel Shahravi Zahra
46 Polyoxazolines with various lipid anchors for effective intracellular delivery Simon Laurianne
47 A study on chitosan-coated liposomes as potential delivery systems Sobolevs Arkadijs
48 Formulation of polymer sonosensitive agents for ultrasound brain therapy Spitzlei Claire
49 Design and development of innovative formulations by nanoencapsulation of antidotes, against intoxications by chemical warfare agent Thiberville Léa
50 Nanoformulation of a promising molecule targeting an innovative bacterial target to overcome antibioresistance To Thu Ba
51 Anti-fibrotic potential of liposomes encapsulating inhibitors of the C-terminal domain of HSP90 Vaudelle Marie
52 Enhancing chemotherapy of triple negative breast cancer: TROP-2 targeting immunoliposomes to co-deliver metformin and doxorubicin Vozgirdaite Daiva